Avaya Phone System


The phone link module allows you to setup an interface between the Avaya Phone System and Mark-It Advantage Xi.   When an inbound phone call is received, the Avaya Phone Manager software will pop (run) this module and lookup contacts in the Advantage Xi Address Book using the Caller ID and display a list of possible contacts. 



Setup Procedures:


1)      Run the Avaya Phone Manager

2)      Click on the Preferences Button

3)      Click on the SCREEN POP tab and enter the following into the Pop External Program:     C:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\PhoneLink.exe then press the [OK] button


How To Use:

1)      When an inbound phone call is received you will see a screen similar to the following:

2)      Click on the Show button to “Show” the contact details screen for the selected contact.