Advantage Xi / Google Sync


Advantage Xi can sync with Google using the GoogleSync.exe module.  Use the instructions below to setup the options you need and do the sync process.   The advantage of using Google sync is that many smart phones have the ability to sync with Google wirelessly.   The Advantage Xi CONTACTS and CALENDAR items can sync to allow you to keep up with your data easier.


For additional information on how to setup your phone to sync with Google use the following link:


If you do not see the Google Sync Icon in the Utilities group then you  may need to do the setup steps on the following page:



Entering Your Google Sync Settings:


Once the database changes have been made then fill in the information on this screen to allow Advantage Xi access to your Google data.  The first time you sync with Google It may be much easier to remove all contacts and calendar items from Google and sync all data from Advantage Xi to Google.  (See Deleting Google Data for details)


1.     Enter your Google User Name which is your FULL Google email address:  Example:  and make sure it is EXACTLY the same as what shows in the upper right corner of your web browser when you are logged into the site.   (UPPER CASE/ lower case MATTER!!!!)

2.     Enter your Google Password:  It will show it as a series of * characters.

3.     Sync Google Contacts To Advantage Xi  check this option if you want to sync names currently in Google Contacts to the Advantage Xi Contact database.

4.     Sync Advantage Xi Contacts To Google check this option if you want to sync contact in Advantage Xi to Google contacts.

5.     Classification Requirement – use this dropdown selection to limit the number of contacts that syncs to/from Google.  Some users have a large database of names and only want to sync as small subset of names to sync.  You can setup a classification like “Google Sync” and assign each contact to that classification that you want to sync. 
        Note: Use Global Update to update several contacts at once.

6.     Add Classification To New Contacts From Google can be used to automatically add the required Classification (item 5 above) to any contact that was added in Google and Synchronized to Advantage Xi so that when changes are made to that contact, it will sync those changes from Xi back to Google.

7.     Classification Exclusion – use this dropdown selection to exclude a particular classification from syncing with Google.  Giving you the ability to sync all But one classification. 

8.     Only ‘Clients’ Where I Am Record Owner can be used to sync contacts that meet the requirement of item 5 and any contact that is a contact type of CLIENT must also to be owned by the current user.

9.     Only Records Where I Am Record Owner can be used to sync contacts that meet the requirement of item 5 but each record must also be owned by the current user.

10. Assign Contacts To Google [My Contacts] This option will add a new classification to each contact that is sync’d to Google and included in the Google [My Contacts] Group.  It is recommended that you include this option but not required – If you do not then the Google [My Contacts] group will not include your names.

11. Sync Google Calendar -> Advantage Xi check this option to sync Calendar Items to Advantage Xi.

12. Sync Advantage Xi Calendar -> Google check this option to sync Advantage Xi Appointments, Phone Calls, To Do’s, Training actions to Google.

13. Your Time Zone select your time zone – this is VERY important to get correct so that Google Sync show the correct type of each calendar item that is added.

14. [Sync This User] Use this button to perform the sync process.  BEFORE doing this the first time you may want to remove any existing contacts and or calendar items so that they don’t duplicate data already in Advantage Xi (see DELETING GOOGLE DATA below).

15. [Sync All Users] Use this button to perform the sync process for ALL users that have opted to allow you to sync for them.  Each users that wants to allow you to sync for them MUST check the SYNC THIS ACCOUNT ON [ SYNC ALL USERS] – in the OPTIONS tab.


USE STEP 14 or 15 to Begin the sync process after you have all the information/options entered.





Address Book/Calendar Last Sync Dates:

The options tab shows you the last time the Address Book and Calendar were sync’d.  If you blank out the fields it will re-sync all records otherwise it will sync only those records that have changed since the date that is displayed in this field.  The system keeps track of what date the system sync’d the Contacts and the Calendar and in which direction (Google to Advantage Xi) or (Advantage Xi to Google).  This way you can reset any of the dates to resync items if needed.


[Max Note Count] – Since Advantage Xi is has the ability to have multiple note entries and Google only has one note field, we have setup a system where you can choose the number of note entries that you want to place into Google.  Simply enter the Max Note Count number and it will take the number of newest entries from Xi and place into Google.  If you look at a contact in Google you will see the notes with the words “====[ADD NOTES ABOVE THIS LINE]====”    


if you need to add a note from your phone or from Google – make sure you add any text ABOVE the words “====[ADD NOTES ABOVE THIS LINE]====” otherwise they will be ignored and your notes will not be put into Advantage Xi when it syncs.


[Calendar Sync Date Range] – Since Google limits the number of calendar entries that can be imported, we have added an option to allow you to limit the events that go into Google by number of days in the past and number of days in the future.   The system will calculate the date range based on the number of days that you specify and only sync Advantage Xi calendar entries that are in that date range.


[Run Google Sync when Exiting Advantage Xi] – Some users have requested that the system sync to Google when you exit Advantage Xi.   This can be done by Answer ‘YES’ or ‘ASK’ to this setting.   YES, will automatically sync Advantage Xi with Google, while   ASK    will ask the user if they want to exit when exiting Advantage Xi.


Sync This Account On [Sync All Users]CHECKMARK this option if you want to allow another user in your database to perform your google sync from their computer.  This is helpful for Agents with assistants that wish to have their assistant update the agent’s google calendar.


[Validate Data] – Use this button to check the Address Book for missing information that could prevent proper syncing.  If you notice that the number of records in the Google Contacts is not the same as those in the Advantage Xi Address Book then click this button and let it check for missing data.


[Remove Unused Groups] – This button will look at the groups you have assigned to Google contacts and remove any groups that do not have anyone assigned to them.   Helps to keep the screen clean for you.  If you have removed all contacts from the Google Contacts screen then you can use this button to remove all the unwanted groups also….


[Combine Groups] – This button will look at the Google groups and find any that have the same name and make sure that the groups are combined.    If you had 2 groups named “Buyers” then it would combine the two groups into one.


[Remove Contact Index Links] / [Remove Calendar Index Links] – Use these buttons to REMOVE the linked information of Google contacts or calendars to Xi.  If you have sync’d Advantage Xi with Google then for some reason remove all contacts or calendar items from Google you should use one or both the buttons to remove the information that links an Advantage Xi Contact/Calendar to a Google Contact/Calendar item.   Otherwise it may skip the record during the sync process.


Alternate Login – Can be checked for those users that subscribe to Google Apps and have difficulty using the normal login.  This option is normally NOT checked.


Search for Deleted Items – these options are used to REMOVE contacts/calendar items from the database when deleted from the other.   The only difference is that when contacts are deleted in Google and Sync’d with Advantage Xi, we add a classification of [Google Deleted] instead of deleting them from the database.  You can then go into your Advantage Xi database and find all contacts by classification of [Google Deleted] and remove them manually.  This is a safety precaution to prevent accidental deletion of your primary database.


Force Blank Entry Updates To Xi – This item may be removed in the future but is used to update blank fields in Advantage Xi with data in Google.  Early versions of the Google sync would not fill in all fields on the first sync which caused problems.   This has been corrected but we left the option on the screen to help users that may still have blank data.



Create Log File – Use this checkbox to create a log file during the sync process.  This should only be used if you are having problems with the sync and need to get information to an Advantage Xi Support Rep.  


[View Log File] – Use this button to view the log file that was created during the last sync process.






This tab will show the current processing results for the sync. 
NOTE: This screen may be hidden in future releases.






I received a CAPTCHA error during authentication, what is a CAPTCHA?

First of all, you should not get a CAPTCHA if things are working normally. You may get a CAPTCHA Google suspects illegal intrusion such as after too many incorrect login attempts. A CAPTCHA ensures that a real person is attempting to log in, and not a computer trying random strings (a "dictionary" attack).

If you do get a Captcha Security Warning simply goto the Unlock Captcha tab and click on the [Unlock Captcha Security] button to get the Google accounts screen and fill in the Email / Password information for your account and then type in the characters you see in the picture.  Once you have a successful sync you should not get the warning message again.









Delete Google Contacts:

To delete Google Contacts, goto (login as needed) then scroll down and select the group called:   All Contacts then click on the Select: ALL that is listed above the names that were displayed.  Once you have the names selected that need to be deleted, click on the [Delete contacts] button in the upper right corner of the Google contacts screen.  


Reset the links to sync again:

Now that the contacts have been deleted from Google, if you have performed a Google Sync with Advantage Xi in the Past then we need to get rid of the OLD information that links the Google Contacts to the Advantage Xi Contacts.  

1.     Go into the Google Sync module and click on the OPTIONS tab. 

2.     Remove the Last Sync Dates for Contacts (Google > Xi) and (Xi > Google)

3.     Click on the button to [REMOVE CONTACT INDEX LINKS] so that the existing links of contacts in Advantage Xi and Google are removed.   

4.     You can also use the button [REMOVE UNUSED GROUPS] to get rid of any group names that were left in Google after deleting the contacts.


You can now sync again the normal way….






Delete Google Calendar:

To delete Google Calendar entries, goto (login as needed) then click on the SETTINGS dropdown menu in the upper right corner and select Calendar Settings.  Then click on the Calendars tab of the Calendar Settings – on the right side of the screen you can click the Delete link and then click on the [Delete] button that shows in the popup screen.   It will ask you to confirm that you really want to delete all the entries – answer Yes  -  Since your primary calendar cannot be removed from the list it will simply remove all entries in the calendar when you perform this action.


Reset the links to sync again:

Now that the calendar has been deleted in Google, if you have performed a Google Sync with Advantage Xi in the Past then we need to get rid of the OLD information that links the Google events to the Advantage Xi events.  

1.     Go into the Google Sync module and click on the OPTIONS tab. 

2.     Remove the Last Sync Dates for Calendar (Google > Xi) and (Xi > Google)

3.     Click on the button to [REMOVE CALENDAR INDEX LINKS] so that the existing links of calendar events in Advantage Xi and Google are removed.


You can now sync again the normal way….





The Google Sync program is normally run manually from the main menu and data is only sync’d when it runs and you press the Begin Sync button. HOWEVER, you can setup windows task scheduler to run the Google Sync program automatically on a daily or hourly basis so that your contacts on Google are automatically updated even when you are not at your computer.  Follow the directions below for your operating system to setup the automatic sync process.



Windows XP:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools> Scheduled Tasks

Double-Click on "Add Scheduled Task"
Click on "Next"
Click on "Browse"
copy the following into the file name including the quotes
"C:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\GoogleSync.exe" /AUTO            NOTE:  /AUTO will sync only your Account    


"C:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\GoogleSync.exe" /SYNCALL      NOTE: /SYNCALL will sync all users that have the option checked.
Then click on "Open"
Choose "Daily" > "Next"
Select the time you want to send out emails i.e. 8:00am Every Day (or when ever you want)
then click next "Next"
Enter the username and password that will be used "Next"

Press the "Finish" button when done


Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools> Tasks Scheduler

Click on "Create Basic Task..."

In the Name field type:  Sync Xi to Google
Click on "Next"

For the Trigger Select: Daily
Click on "Next"

Enter the Start Date/Time and recurring days as needed

Click on "Next"

Select (*) Start a program

Click on "Next"


In the Program/script: field

Click on "Browse..." to the path below
or copy the following into the file name including the quotes
32 Bit Versions of Windows: "C:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\GoogleSync.exe"

64 Bit Versions of Windows: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\GoogleSync.exe"

In the "Add arguments(optional): field type in    /AUTO    or    /SYNCALL     -   /AUTO will sync only your Account    /SYNCALL will sync all users that have the option checked.

Click on "Next"


Click the checkbox to "Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish"

Click on "Finish"


The window will open with the information you added. 

Click on the Triggers tab then click the [Edit...] button

check the checkbox to Repeat task every [1 hour] for a duration of [Indefinitely]

Note: you have the ability to manually change the 1 hour to 2 hours or 3 hours by typing in the words

Press the [OK] button when done.