Calyx Point Data Import


The Calyx Point Import icon is used to import multiple transactions from point at one time.  This module will open the Calyx Point loan data file and read the contents without the need to have Calyx Point installed on the computer.  This program can be run manually by clicking on the Calyx Point Import icon located in the Lending group of the Mark-It Advantage Xi navigation menu or automatically by assigning the program in your windows task scheduler.


Running it manually:

Click on the Calyx Point Import icon to display the configuration window.


1)      Place a checkmark in each data folder that you want the system to look for data.

2)      Select the Import Group that you want to import: Borrower or Prospect

3)      Check the date criteria for the search – if you only want closed data since the last time you imported then place a checkmark next to closed.  Select the date range that you need.  NOTE:  The next time you run this import the system will automatically change the date range to start from the date you last imported to the current date.

4)      If you only want a specific loan officers data then select Begin With and type in the name of the loan officer.

5)      Check the Import in Proper Case if you want the data to be imported first letter capitalized – many calyx point users type all data in UPPER CASE and this  option allows it to be changed to Proper Case

6)      Check the Exclude Party Members box if you do not want the system to automatically import the other party members (Title Company, Escrow Company, etc…)

7)      When importing data from Point the system can be told to use the subject property address as the new address on purchases

8)      Enter the Additional classification that you want added to each contact.  Use ‘;’ semicolon to add multiples.   The system automatically adds ‘Point: Borrower’ or ‘Point: Prospect’ during the import


Click on the Begin Import button to start the import process.   The system will go through each selected folder and search for data that matches your search criteria and then import it.


During the import process the system will look at the borrowers SSN# and see if that contact is already in the database.   If not then it will add the contact, otherwise it will update the existing contact record.   Next it looks at the Calyx Point file name that is being imported and checks to see if we have already imported it.  If so, it will update the existing file otherwise it will add a new transaction to the contact.


The system will prompt you when it has completed the import.



Running it Automatically:


Once you have selected the options manually (see above) the system keeps the settings and reuses them when the system is run again or when you use the automatic import feature.   Use task scheduler to run the system automatically.


Double-Click on "Add Scheduled Task"

Click on "Next"

Click on "Browse"

copy the following into the file name including the quotes

"C:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\PointDataImport.exe"

Then click on "Open"

Choose "Daily" > "Next"

Choose the Start Time you want to use (I would suggest after hours to get everything)

Choose ‘Every Day’ or ‘Weekdays’ – your option then click “Next

Enter the Windows login username and password that will be used "Next"

Place a CHECK in "Open Advanced Properties..."

Click on "Finish"


In the Advanced Properties screen goto the end of the RUN line after the QUOTES and type in one of the following:




    so the line would like the following:


"C:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi\System\PointDataImport.exe" /AUTO


Press the "OK" button to close the advanced properties