How to Sync to the Native Palm Programs
Address Book / Date Book / To Do List


IMPORTANT:  You MUST Have the Palm HotSync Manager version 4.1.0 or Higher installed before doing any of the following.  Use the Program CD that came with you palm to install the normal palm related software.


1)      Verify Hotsync is installed – If you have just installed your palm device then sync one time to verify that the hotsync program is setup properly – use instructions  and CD that comes with the palm device.

2)      If you currently have data in the palm address book, date book and todo:

a)      Verify that the Contacts and Calendar items that you have in the palm currently is data that you want to have placed in Advantage Xi.  Since this sync process transfers all data to the palm address book, date book and todo list, any data that you have in your Palm device will be in Advantage Xi. 

b)      If you have the same information in Advantage Xi then duplicate data will result.  You may want to delete data from the Palm and Hotsync before continuing with this document.

3)      Initial Setup for Advantage Xi

a)      Download the PalmSync connection database (

b)      Download Palm COM Components (VERSION 4.1.X ONLY):

If you are running a version of Palm HotSync Manager that is older than 6.0 you will also need to install the Palm COM Components.  These components are installed automatically in version 6.0 and newer. 

i)        To check the version of palm that you have installed:

(1)   Right-click on the Palm HotSync Manager Icon in the lower right corner of your system tray

(2)   Select ‘About’

(3)   If the version is OLDER than 6.0 then Install the PalmCOMInstaller
(see below)

ii)       To Install the PalmCOMInstaller do the following:

c)      Install the Advantage Xi Palm Sync program

NOTE: If you are running a version of Hotsync Manager that is OLDER than 6.0 you MUST restart Hotsync Manager in order for the Registry Changes to be saved.

Click on the Hotsync icon in the lower right corner of your screen then choose EXIT


d)      Hotsync the Palm

i)        The first time you sync with the palm you will want to sync all information. 
To do this you need to make sure that the ‘Check Modified Flag On Palm’ is UNCHECKED on each of the program sections: Address Book, Calendar, To Do.
Click on the Palm Icon at the top of Advantage Xi to display the sync options.

ii)       After the first sync you can go back into the Palm setup screen and place a CHECK in the ‘Check Modified Flag On Palm’ so that it only syncs the information that has changed since the last sync.

iii)     Each program section (Address Book, Calendar, To Do)  can be set to do the following:

(1)   Sync Data – Sync data from the palm to Advantage Xi and then Advantage Xi back to Palm

(2)   Xi Overwrites Palm – Sync data from Advantage Xi to the Palm Only

(3)   Palm Overwrites Xi – Sync data from Palm to Advantage Xi Only

(4)   Do Nothing – Skips the sync process for that program section

e)      Address Book Specific Setup Options:

i)        Place a CHECK in ‘Add Palm Contact Types’ to make sure the custom contact types are added into Advantage Xi and Palm (Clients, Business, Agents, Personal, Users, etc…)

ii)       Place a CHECK in ‘Sync Palm:Unfiled as Xi:Client’ if you want the sync process to automatically set any UNFILED contacts to ‘Clent’ in Advantage Xi.

iii)     Couple Connector:   Select the default connector you want to use when adding couples names into Advantage Xi from Palm  ‘John & Mary Smith’  or ‘John and Mary Smith’

iv)     If you only want to sync a specific classification of names from Advantage Xi to the Palm then select the classification in the Classification dropdown.  Set this option to [All Records] if you want to sync all names.   If a classification is selected and a name was added on the palm, the system will automatically add this classification to the contact being added into Advantage Xi.

f)        Calendar and To Do Specific Setup Options:

Select the date range of Calendar Items or To Do items that you want sent to the palm – The dates are calculated by the number of days that you put into the setup for past and future.

Default: 14 days in the past  / 90 days in the future

g)      Log files: In the event that you have some kind of sync problem, you can use the log file option to create a log file that can be sent to our support department.