Exporting Top Producer 7i to Advantage Xi


  1. Login to Top Producer 7i
  2. Select Setup > Data transfer / conversion > Export data…
  3. Select (*) Export all contacts > Next
  4. Select (*) Export all columns > Start export
  5. Enter the filename C:\contacts7i.txt then click [Save]
  6. When the export process has completed then press [OK]



There are some fields that are larger in Top Producer than in Advantage Xi so you must run the following link to make the fields larger…





Importing data into Advantage Xi

  1. Login to Advantage Xi
  2. Utilities > Import
  3. Select “Top Producer 7i” from the type of file to import > Next
  4. Click on the […] button to select   C:\contacts7i.txt  > Open
  5. Select or add a classification in the upper right corner if you like (optional)
  6. Click on the [Begin Import] button