Advantage Xi Mobile Apps

Ever wanted to give your clients and prospects something that they could use over and over again which keeps their hearts and minds on you?   Many Real Estate Agents give Calendars... Business Cards...  Magnets... the list is endless.   But now you can give them something that THEY can really use which puts you in one of the most important devices they have... their Smart Phone!

You occupy space on your client’s phone with their permission!!!

This helps you to occupy space in the clients mind!

• Creates client loyalty.
• Easily engage with your client.
• Existing clients return more often.
• Gain new clients with lower cost!
• Better client experience.
• More business = more sales = more profit.
• And much more…

A Mobile App is a combination of your own personal website, billboard, 411 information, advertisement, marketing tool all wrapped up in one small package on your clients iPhone, iPad, Droid Mobile, Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone.

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How is Mobile App Marketing different than traditional Advertising?

Most Agents that invest in traditional forms of advertising like Yellow Pages, Weekly Newspapers and Billboards are subscribed to the idea that they can persuade buyers to visit the business based on the media’s readership and hitting the consumers “hot spot” in just a few words.

Here are some issues with this method of advertising:
• You don’t know how many people actually “see” your message unless they bring in your coupon. So analyzing your R.O.I. can be difficult.
• The Ad’s static “call to action” may not touch the consumer’s hot spot.
• You have limited space to present your merchandise and services.


It’s known as Mobile App Marketing… It has several NEW and INNOVATIVE concepts to interact with your clients which continue working long after the initial advertising investment.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Mobile App Marketing:
• Constantly engaging your client which promotes client loyalty!
• Dynamic and changing content to keep enticing the client to return!
• Viral Marketing – extremely effective marking allowing clients to advertise for you and grow your market share exponentially!
• Obtain new clients from existing clients at a lower cost of acquisition!
• GPS / turn by turn access – better client experience.
• Promotes social proof – clients share with others the great time, great service and great food you provided through photos and videos.
• PUSH Notification will drive clients to your services when YOU decide.

The Home page of the App

• Your Logo – Image branding as an Icon on the phone as well as on the main screen of the Mobile App itself.

• One Touch Calling – Click the “Call Us” button to dial the business.

• One Touch Directions – Give clients turn by turn GPS directions from anywhere in the world directly to your place of business.

• Tell a Friend – Viral Marketing... Let your clients market you to their friends and family.  This helps you reach new clients with the Mobile App.

• Use the home page of your app to show off New Listings.  This becomes a great selling point of your services...  Win listing deals by showing them how you will get their home in front of more people.  Store up to 5 photo's that scroll or fade in to view as launching points to more detail.

• The navigation menu at the bottom of the screen allows easy access to all the features of your mobile app.



• View Map – Show a Google Map of your location.

• Call Us – Allows them to quickly call you.

• View Website – Quick access to your personal website.

• Email Us – One touch emailing.



Setup links to your existing website

• Any website page can be assigned a button to allow quick access to the important and useful information on your website.


Your YouTube Channel

• plug in your existing YouTube channel for easy access to pre-recorded information on properties and services you provide

• plays the recordings in full screen.

• users can comment, like and share recordings with their friends and family.



Setup Prospecting Forms

• Capture client data with customizable forms.

• We allow you to customize your forms with Check Box buttons, Fill in the blank fields, multi-selection buttons and more...

• Once the user fills in the fields and presses send, you automatically receive an email with the details.


Google Map Integration

• Use push-pins to automatically plot the homes you have for sale.

• Each push-pin can be assigned detailed information as well as turn by turn navigation from the clients current GPS position.


Are you a Blogger?

• Use the app to give one-touch access to your daily or weekly blogs.



Mailing List

• Allow your clients and prospects to opt-in to your mailing list.   When they first run the software it will give them the option to sign-up automatically.  This gives you permission to do additional marketing and prospecting.


More Access To Features...

• The More... menu allows access to even more content including

• Seller and Buyer Resources and Tips

• Open House Listings and directions

• Photo Gallery and slide shows

• Camera functions built into the phone to automatically email you photos of clients homes or homes they want to see.

• Mortgage Calculator

• Calendar client events

• and much more...

What is the initial cost to develop a Mobile App?

costs depend on your needs... we offer two options: 

Option 1: "Done For You"

We do all the development of the Mobile App.  This ranges from $795.00 to $1,500.00 depending on the features in the app. Our goal is to design a custom app that fits your needs and budget.

The cost includes setting up all the buttons on the mobile app, graphics editing for the main screens and design, example screen shots for the market places and submission.

Option 2: "Do it yourself"

With this option, you do all the work yourself.  You are supplied with a Mobile App Control Panel account and you do all the graphic design and setup yourself.  The cost is only $295.00.  

What is the on-going cost for Mobile App Marketing?

Once your app is approved and available in the Google Play and/or iPhone Market Place the Basic subscription is: $49.00/mo

Subscription Includes:
1. Ongoing software upgrades – New features are constantly being developed.
2. 24/7 access to the control panel allowing changes on the fly.
3. Remote access and email tech support.
4. Hosting of the App on our servers, apple app store and the android market.
5. Unlimited PUSH messages.

How long does it take to develop a Mobile App?

Development time usually takes 7-10 days once all the information and specifications are received. More time may be necessary for larger projects or changes to specifications after final approval.

Order Now!

$199.00 Setup

Mobile App Account Setup with "Do It Yourself" DESIGN
You setup your own mobile app and graphics for Mobile Website, Android App or iPhone/iPad App*.
Includes: App Design Wizard that will import information from your website as a starting point.  Access to Mobile App Dashboard to allow you to make changes after we design it.

$799.00 Setup

Mobile App Account Setup with "Done For You" DESIGN
We setup your mobile app and graphics for Mobile Website, Android App or iPhone/iPad App*.
Includes: Access to Mobile App Dashboard to allow you to make changes after we design it.


$49.00 Monthly - Starts when the App is made available to the Android or iPhone Market Place.