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New Version 2 Training Links

The new training links now use an index on the left side of the screen to quickly pick starting points in the training video's that cover specific topics - simply click on an index title to see that portion of the training video.

Address Book Overview  (44:43 - Start With This FIRST!!!) - Overview of the Address Book and Contact Detail screen (Covers basic description of each TAB in the Contact Detail)
Global Update Classifications (1:16) - Step-by-Step procedure for adding a classification to multiple contact records at one time.
Exporting Data for Bulk Mailing Company (2:15) - Step by Step procedure for exporting data to a CSV file for Bulk Mailers
Making Contact Every 90 Days (4:22) - Uses the Last Contact field in the Additional Info tab to help you select contacts in your list that you want to contact every 90 days.
Browse Notes (5:02) - New Screen to see all notes in a date range.
Browse Showings (4:36) - New Screen to see all property showings in a date range
Google Sync (16:17) - How to setup and sync Advantage Xi with Google (Printable Documentation)
QR Codes (7:45) - New fields in the Photos tab of Contact Detail and Property Details as well as Flyers.  (Importing Visitor)
Social Media (1:34) - New Tab in the Contact Detail Screen to assign Facebook "Friends" and Twitter "Followers" for easy access. 
Resize Attached Photos (5:07) - New option to resize photos as you attach them to your emails. 
Grab Contact From Signature (2:09) - New feature to grab the contact information from a signature of an email.
Windows 7 - Default Email (1:00) - Setting up Advantage Xi as the Windows 7 Default Email.

In most cases, the recordings below are still good training, however the look and feel of the screens are the older format but the steps are the same. 

Address Book - Browse Screen

Address Book - Contact Detail

Address Book Basics
Exporting Data For Bulk Mailing Company
Editing Envelopes
Editing The Return Address on Envelopes
Editing Labels
Browse List Changes

Auto Dial with Options
Data Sort Dropdown
Export - Detailed Options
Global Updates - Change Multiple Records At 1 Time
Mail Merge - Microsoft Word
Mass Email (BCC)
Mass email (Documents)
Printing Envelopes (1st Time Requirements)
Saved Emails - Search and Replace
Searching Data
Searching Data Classifications
Unmark Duplicate Records

Mail Merge with Microsoft Publisher
Slit Screen View

Address Book Columns (By: Judi Bryan)
Contact Detail - Notes
Contact Detail - Phone Comments
Contact Detail - Saved Emails
Contact Detail - Saved Notes
Contact Detail - (Printing Postage)

Using the Find Button
Tab (Notes)
Tab (Additional Info)
Tab (Employment)
Tab (Demographics)
Tab (Documents)
Tab (Calendar)
Tab (Family)
Tab (Photos)
Tab (Referrals)
Tab (Properties) - Real Estate Module
Tab (Showings) - Real Estate Module

Dialing Contacts With Skype (Internet Phone Dialing)
Editing Table Reports in Address Book
Classification Changes From Calendar 
Restricted Contact Types 
Adding/Deleting Lookups (By: Judi Bryan)

Word Processor


Basics (Bar Menu)
Basics (Format Bar)
Basics (Mail Merge Bar)
Basics (Starting a New Document)
Background Color Button
Floating Images
Inserting List of Lists into a Document (Easy Checklists)
Options Screen

Document Library
Mail Merge - Microsoft Word

Hot to create a FAX cover sheet
Setup a New Email Account
Using eStationery with Advantage Xi
"Out of Office" Mail Rule - Auto Reply - Saved Messages
Add Contact
Address Book Saved Emails
Address Book TO - BCC
Block and Ban Sender
Contact Folders
Menu and Toolbar Options
Print Folder List

Email Rule - Data Import
Select Multiple TO-CC-BCC from button
Select Multiple TO-CC-BCC shift+control
Select TO-CC-BCC from button
Send From Contact Details Screen
Setup Default Email Program (Internet Explorer)
Signature Setup
Tab Menu
Word Processor Mail Merge
Recent Enhancements
Setup an Email Drip Campaign


Desktop Publishing

Basic Overview
Description of the Event Detail Screen
Selecting Multiple Coordinators
How To Setup/Start Task Series
Calendar Task Sorter
Classification Changes From Calendar 
Flyers Basic
Flyers (Editing Templates)
Using existing image to make icon

Main Menu

List of Lists

Recent Changes
Restricted Contact Types 
Customizing The Desktop (By: Judi Bryan)
Using List of Lists
New Field: Order

Print List of Lists

Birthdays / Anniversaries

Referral Tree



Importing Data
Backup (Database Only)
Restore (Database Only)
Options (Mark-It Options)
Update Software (Update Xi)
Network Setup (Small Network)
Network Setup - Workstation (Small Network)
Internet Sync Step 1
Internet Sync Step 2
Internet Sync (Remote Location Setup)
Screen Designer (By: Judi Bryan)
Importing Microsoft Excel

Step-by-Step Documents: 
How to Setup Microsoft Outlook Sync

Greater Springfield Board of Realtors
Rapattoni MLS (Listing Presentations)
Internet Quick Access

Real Estate Module

Lending Module

Property Browser
Estimated Price Range
Estimated Proceeds
Volume Report & Goals
Amortization Program
Property Detail (Tab) Buy/Sell
Finance 800
Contact Detail - Properties (Tab)
Contact Detail - Showings (Tab)
Contact Detail - Buy/Sell (Tab)
Contact Detail - History (Tab)
Loan Browser
Contact Detail - Loan Information (Tab)
Amortization Program
Byte Import
Calyx Point Import Setup
Calyx Point ASCII Import (Reports)
Rate Watch
Rate Compare
Finance 800

Business Builder Module

Investor Module

Profit & Loss
Lead Tracker
Pay Log
Personal Budget

Ad Tracker

AdTrakcer - Track your advertisement costs