How to setup an “On Vacation” Mail Rule


1) Click on Mail Options > Message Rule Setup

2) Enter the name of the rule:  “On Vacation” in the Rule Name field

3) Place a check in the “Enabled” field

4) Make sure that the “Private” field selected

5) Select “To Line” in the [Where the…] field

6) Type in your email address in the [Contains] field

7) Click on the blue plus under the list of actions


8) Select “Reply with a message” then press the OK button

The “Reply” action will now be in the list of actions – this is the only action that we want in this rule.


9) Click on the  “Create a new document button”

10) Type in your message

11) Click on ‘File’ > ‘Save As…’


12) Make sure you know which folder you are saving the message in…
       example: “Mark-It Advantage Xi”

13) Enter the name of the document to be saved… example:  “On Vacation.htm”  then press the [Save] button.


14) Click on the […] button to the right of the ‘Document to send in response to message’

15) Select the document to send from the location you saved it, then press [Open]



16) Enter the subject of the email  “I’m On Vacation This Week”
17) Press the [OK] button when done


18) Your system is now setup to reply to any email that is addressed to you and reply with the saved document as the message…


19) When you return from vacation simply Edit the rule and remove the ‘Enabled’ checkbox and the rule will not send emails again.  When you go on vacation again you can simply place a check in the enabled checkbox and you are ready to go --- however, remember to change the saved message if it was not generic.