Editing Rate Watch

How can I create or edit a Rate Watch Document?

The process is basically the same--open the Word Processor, edit/create a document, and save the result in the Rate Watch library folder. For demonstration purposes, we will edit the default document.


Press the Word Processor icon from the Main Menu group.


Click on the Rate Watch folder. (See red arrow below.)Document Selection Screen.


Open the Rate Watch.txm document by double clicking on the document name or single click the filename and press the Open button.


Edit the document inside the Word Processor.


Save the changes. Be sure to save the document in the Rate Watch folder.

  • If you CHANGED the document and you would like to keep it separate from the original, save the new file with another name. Save the document with a new name by selecting File-->Save As from the barmenu. Enter a new filename in the name field.

  • If your editing personalizes the document and you would like to keep the name the same, simply press the Save button on the button menu, or use File-->Save from the barmenu.

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