Resize Photo Attachments


As digital camera resolutions increase, so do the sizes of the displayed images and their file size.   A few years ago the standard size of digital camera photo was 640x480 which was a nice size to view on the screen and was a fairly small file size.  Now that many cameras have 10 Megapixels or higher the display size of images are much larger that what will fit on most monitors and the file size can be very large also.   To help with emailing photos that don’t need to be that large we have added the ability to resize the photos before they are attached.    By default this option is turned OFF but can be turned ON in the email options  (Tools > Options > Attachments > (CHECK) Resize Outbound Picture Attachments > OK)


When composing an email simply click on the [Attachment] menu in the compose message toolbar



This will display your window to select the photo(s) – select what you need then press the OPEN button.





Next you will get the Resize Pictures window to pick the size you want photos to be.

There are 4 basic sizes and a custom size.  Small (640 x 480) , Medium (800 x 600),  Large (1024 x 768), a Smart Phone option for viewing on a standard smart phone (240 x320) and then a custom size to fit your own need.    If you do not want to resize any of the selected images, simply click the CLOSE button and the resize feature will not do anything.   Pressing the OK button will automatically resize the photos and save them to your computer and insert the photos into the attachment list of the email.   Resized photo are normally saved to a new file name containing the keywords of (Small), (Medium), (Large), (Tiny) or (Custom) – However if you check the option to Resize the original pictures the resized images will save over the existing file names.




By pressing the [>>>] show options button you see additional features to allow you to resize and rotate images as needed.   This is great for landscape photos that need to be rotated 90 degrees to show up-right instead of sideways.




Once you press the OK button you will see the photos in your attachment list and can proceed with your email as usual.