How To Setup Advantage Xi A Visitor Information Webpage Link for a Quick Response Code


As a service to our Advantage Xi users, we have setup a visitor information webpage link that can be used to collect a visitors Name and Email Address of a visitor to your Quick Response Code destination.  By inserting a single line of HTML code in your framed webpage, a visitor will be able to enter their name and email.  Once the website visitor has entered his/her information and pressed [Send], an email will be sent to you {YourEmailAddress} with the data formatted for easy import into the Advantage Xi contact database.  The visitor is then redirected to the website page that you choose {YourReturnWebsite}.


web address to insert:{YourEmailAddress}&UserPage={YourReturnWebsite}


if your email address was
if you had a conformation page


if you just want it to go to your homepage of


if you have a framed site and have to modify your page manually you would see code something like this….




<title>My Home Page</title>


<frameset cols="150,*">

          <frame name="left" scrolling="no" noresize target="rtop" src="NavPage.htm">

          <frameset rows="20%,*">

                   <frame name="rtop" target="rbottom" src="Header.htm">

                   <frame name="rbottom" src="">






Simply insert the address into the “src” field as show above in BOLD.   This is the source of the contents that will be placed in the frame named rbottom.





When the information is filled in and sent you will get an email to the address that was supplied in the parameters


The subject of the email will be:  [QRCode Access]


The body of the email will contain the following:


First Name: Visitor’s First Name

Last Name: Visitor’s Last Name

email: Visitor’s Email Address

QRCode: the link to your QRCode destination



Using this webpage and the email that comes from it, you can setup an Advantage Xi mail rule that allows you to import the data directly into the database.


Use the following link to import the rule:
(note: make sure you are not in the mail rule section of Advantage Xi)