Advantage Xi Mail Merge
to Microsoft Word XP


  1. From the Mark-It Advantage Xi address book mark all the records that you want to merge with Microsoft Word XP or go into an individual contact record
  2. Click on Print > Word Mail Merge
  3. Select the Fields you want to merge into the Word Document then press [Merge]
  4. Microsoft Word will load and display a blank document.
  5. Select the document you want to merge with or create a new document
  6. Click on Tools > Letters and Mailings… > Mail Merge Wizard
  7. Word Wizard Step 1 – Select Letter then press NEXT
  8. Word Wizard Step 2 – Select Use the current document then press NEXT
  9. Word Wizard Step 3 – Select Use an existing list then press BROWSE
  10. At the browse screen select or type MailMerge.CSV from the MY DOCUMENTS folder then press OPEN
  11. This will display a list of names that were exported from Advantage Xi press OK
  12. Then press NEXT
  13. Word Wizard Step 4 – Move your cursor into the document where you want to place the merge fields and choose MORE ITEMS…
  14. Select the fields and insert them as needed into the correct location on the document

Common Merge fields:

    1. MailingName
    2. CompanyName
    3. Address
    4. City
    5. State
    6. Zipcode
    7. Greeting    (This is the Primary and Secondary first names)  “Mark & Kathy”
  1. Word Wizard Step 5 – press NEXT to complete the merge