Internet Sync Setup

(Quick Guide)


Do you have your database setup to sync locally yet? if not then do the following to make a master database:

Creating a Database Master
1) From the Main Menu click on the UTILITIES Group then Click on Database Utilities
2) Select the Setup Icon, which is the 2nd icon from the Left
3) After you have read the Introduction, click the Next Button
4) Next, select the type of setup that you want to do. Since you want to create a database master, select the first option and click the Next button.
5) Next, select NO - you do not have a dedicated server - this will make sure the master is setup on your computer then click NEXT
6) Finally, you will be asked what synchronization options you would like to use for this computer. Based on the answers to the previous questions, a suggestion has been made. You can change your selection on this screen at any time, so for right now, it is best to just accept the selected item and click the Finish button
7) At this point in time, you will be asked if you want to exit Advantage Xi to continue. Answer Yes.
8) There will be a screen that pops up, and notifies you of the progress. After the screen goes away, you will have your database converted into a design master.
9) Once Advantage Xi restarts, the system will sync to the new master database automatically. Make sure that the sync is successful

Setting up Mark-It Advantage Xi to use Internet Synchronization is a very easy process. Just make sure that you follow these instructions, and everything will work smoothly.
1) Before you begin the process of setting up your computer to synchronize data over the Internet, you MUST have a design master setup (see instructions above)
2) From the Main Menu click on the UTILITIES Group then Click on Database Utilities
click on the Setup Icon, which is the 2nd icon from the left.
3) You will see the Synchronization Options screen.
Place a checkmark in Synchronize your data over using a standard internet connection
the select "Send Database to the Internet (Step 1)" then click Finish
4) You will be asked to exit the program. Answer Yes to the question.
5) You will see a status box come on the screen, telling you that the database is being put on the Internet.
6) Once the database is placed on our server you will be asked to enter your email address - this will notify us that your database has been placed on the server and we will make the final changes to allow synchronization. When we have finished the setup on the server you will be sent an email with the remaining instructions for setup.