How to send a monthly email newsletter




  1. Add a classification to each person in your database that you want to get your email newsletter. (you can do it individually or using global update)
    Example Classification: Email Newsletter
    1. Individually Edit:

                                                              i.      Edit each contact

                                                            ii.      Click on the Additional Information tab in the contact detail

                                                          iii.      Click on the Classification heading to display a list

1.      Click on the blue plus to add new choices to the list as needed:
(Email Newsletter)

2.      Place a checkmark on Email Newsletter

3.      Press OK

    1. Global Update (Add a classification to multiple records):

                                                              i.      Mark all records with an X that you want to assign to the Email Newsletter classification

                                                            ii.      Data > Global Update

                                                          iii.      Double-click on Classification

                                                          iv.      Place a checkmark on Email Newsletter

                                                            v.      Click OK button

                                                          vi.      Click the Begin button

  1. Create your email
    1. Start a new email message
    2. If you want merge fields in the body or subject of the message then click Message > Create Mail Merge to show the list of available fields put your cursor in the place that you want a merge field then select it from the list.
    3. Once you have it typed then save it (Message > Save)
    4. Cancel out of the email after it is saved

  2. Add an event to the calendar
    1. Action: Send Email
    2. Description: Monthly Email Newsletter
    3. Enter the date of the first email to send
    4. Click on the button at the bottom [Saved Email] and select the Newsletter email
    5. Select Recurring Tab

                                                              i.      Select Monthly

                                                            ii.      Select the correct repeat options (you pick what you want)

1.      day 5 of every 1 month(s)

2.      The First Monday of every 1 month

    1. Click on the Options Tab

                                                              i.      Click on the Classification Search

                                                            ii.      Select Email Newsletter from the classification box

                                                          iii.      Select Type: ALL

                                                          iv.      Select ONLY RECORDS WITH EMAIL ADDRESSES

                                                            v.      OK

    1. Click OK to close the event


  1. When the event shows on your today screen Simply click MENU > PROCESS and it will find all records with the Classification of Email Newsletter that has an email address and send the saved email to each person. Since it is doing an email merge each contact will get a separate email message addressed to themselves and not see the email addresses of other recipients.