Word Processor Defaults

How do I set the default font?

  1. Click the Word Processor Option button WP Options Button.

  2. Press the Change button to display the Font selection screen.

3. Select the font options from the Font screen.

Font Selection Screen

4. Press the OK button to save the changes to the Default screen.

How do I set the default page margins?

1. Click into the Margin field you would like to change--top, bottom, right, or left.

Page Margins Setup Screen

2. Enter the new value(s).

3. Press the OK button when you have finished making changes to the Default Setup screen.

How do I send my print job as one document?

1. Toggle the Mail Merge Option.

Mail Merge Options

Certain online printing services charge by the print job rather than number of pages. For example, it may be cheaper to send your 200-name mail merge as a 200-page document rather than 200 1-page documents.

How can I view the changes that I make to the Default screen?

1. Use the Preview screen at the right of the Default screen.

This is useful when attempting to fit text to a page requirement.

Mark-It How-To Document