Using Advanced Classification

How do I use the Advanced Classification Search Criteria screen?

  1. Select the Type (All, Agent, Business, Client, Personal, or User). This will limit the search to your selection.

    Advanced Classification Screen

  2. Click on a Classification or several to search those fields

  3. Determine whether your search is inclusive (And) or specific (Or) by clicking the appropriate radio button.

  4. Select the "Field To Search" and "Compare Type" by clicking the down arrow to the right of that field.

  5. Type the Search Criteria in the Criteria field (if necessary).

  6. Click into the "Display Marked Records Only" and/or "Only Records With E-Mail Addresses" checkbox(es) to toggle that option.

  7. Entering a Criteria Name will save your criteria in the drop-down list.

  8. Press the OK button to begin your search or click on the Column Display tab.

How do I change the column layout?

  1. See Adjusting Column Display.

  2. You can make column displays a part of your Address Book searching by pressing the Column Display tab.

    Advanced Classification Column Layout Screen.

  3. Make your adjustments according to the How-To Document.

  4. Type a new layout name in the Column Layout field.

  5. Press the OK to begin the search or click on the Search Criteria tab to make adjustments to your search criteria.

Mark-It How-To Document