How do I setup a Mail Rule?


From the Mail Options group, click Message Rule Setup.


Press the New Rule button.


Fill in the Rule Editor Screen. (See Below)

Rule Editor Screen


Press the OK button.

How do I set a rule to send all "Forwards" to the Trash folder?


From the Rule Editor screen, enter a rule name (i.e. Delete Forward) in the Rule Name field.


Click into the Enabled checkbox if you want the rule to function immediately.
Note: You can create rules that you only use occasionally. Rules will only filter when they are enabled.


Click the Public (for all computer) or Private (for your computer only).
Note: The Public option applies the filter/rule to all computers on the network.


Use the drop-down menu and select the "Subject Line" option.


Type Fwd into the Contains field.
Note: This will send any new message that contains Fwd in the subject line to the Trash folder. If there are already messages in your inbox that contain Fwd in the subject line, they will NOT be automatically sent to the Trash. You can right click on any of those messages and select Process Message Rules. The message will then be sent to the Trash folder.


Press the Plus button and click the Move to a folder option from the Select New Option Screen. Press the OK button.


Use the drop-down menu and select the Trash folder.


Press the OK button to save the filter/rule.

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