Internet Sync Remote Location


Follow the steps below to setup a computer at a remote location to sync with the Internet Server


NOTE: Forward the Internet Synchronization Request email to the Remote Location this is the email that you received from Mark-It Systems - Technical Support. This email is intended to be used for the STEP 2 portion of the initial Internet sync. The steps do not work for remote locations so use the following information.


1)       Open the email program

2)       Click on the Download link from the Internet Synchronization Request email to download the file.

3)       Save the file to the Desktop (Change the Save in field to Desktop)

4)       Leave the filename as it is: {guid {(some numbers)}}.zip - do not change the filename it is important to keep it as it is.

5)       Allow the system to download the file once it is downloaded then Close the download window you do not need to do the Open option.

6)       Return back to Mark-It Advantage Xi

7)       Utilities > Database Utilities > Setup

8)       At the Synchronization Wizard Welcome click [Next]

9)       Select Connect to the Master Database then NEXT

10)    Select No to do you have 1 central computer then NEXT

11)    Select Yes to There is a database master somewhere on the network then NEXT

12)    Click on the [] button to select the database

13)    Change the Files of Type to Mark-it Internet Download File

14)    Change the look in to Desktop

15)    Select the file that is on the desktop named {guid {(some numbers)}}.zip then Open

16)    Then Click on NEXT

17)    Place a checkmark in Synchronize your data using a standard internet connection

18)    Then click Finish

19)    Restart Mark-It Advantage Xi


When the system returns to Advantage Xi it will automatically Sync to the internet


NOTE: If you are on a slow Internet connection you may want to turn off the automatic sync options

Utilities > Database Utilities > Uncheck Run Mark-It Database Synchronizer


Test the Sync Press the Synch Now button that is left of the setup and make sure the arrows turn GREEN


You can also delete the guid file on your desktop