Marking Records

How can I mark a record for printing or deleting?

  1. Highlight the name in the list.

  2. Press the spacebar. (The program should (1.) place an X to the record's left and (2.) make the record bold text.)

or if you are in a Contact Card,

  1. Click into the Record Marker checkbox.

Record Marker by pointer.

How do I use Advanced Marking?

Advanced Marking allows marking of multiple records up or down from your current position. You can mark the next ten records, for example, up or down by indicating the Number of records to change: field as 10. Placing a 0 (zero) in this field will mark all records in your search, either up or down, from your current position. You can choose to mark (or unmark) all the selected records by clicking the Change Record Marker to: Marked (or Unmarked) radio button.

1. Click the radio button to mark the records "above" or "below" the current record.

Advanced Marking Screen

2. Click the radio button to mark/unmark the records above/below the current record.

3. Limit the number of records you would like to change by entering a number. (0 will change all records.)

4. Press the OK button when you are ready to execute the advanced marking.

Mark-It How-To Document