Mark-It Mailer

The Mark-It Mailer manages all your electronic communications. Mark-it Mailer will display most forms of e-stationery. The mailer also displays messages that are sent in HTML format (illustrated below).

Mark-It Mailer Main Menu

Barmenu Options

Message -

Display the Message menu.

New -

Compose a new message. Select the Stationery or No Stationery option. (See Stationery for more information.)

Reply -

[CTRL+R] Reply to the sender of the current message.

Reply All -

[CTRL+L] Reply to all addresses in the header of the current e-mail.

Forward -

CTRL+F] Forward the current message to another e-mail address.

Send/Recv -

[F3] Checks your e-mail server for new messages and sends any messages in queue.

Save Attachments -

Save the attachment of the current e-mail to the drive and folder of your choice.

Print -

[CTRL+P] Print the message currently in the viewer.

Print Folder List -

Print the header information of highlighted records in the current mail folder.

Tools -

Display the Tools menu.

Address Book -

Open the Address Book program.

Mail Accounts -

Open the Mail Accounts View.

Mail Rules -

Open the Message Filters/Rules screen.

Signatures -

Open the Message Signatures screen.

Options -

Open the Mail Options.

Help -

Display the Help menu.

Content -

[F1] Open the Mailer Help file.

About Mark-It Mailer -

Display the version number and System Information.

Button Menu

Mailer Button Menu


Compose a new message.


Send any messages in the Outbox and poll your e-mail server for new messages.


Reply to the current message.


Send the current message to the printer.


Replay to all addresses in the header of the current message.


Delete the highlighted message(s).


Forward the current message to another address.


Display the Mailer Help documents.


Folder Area:

Folder Options

Right click on a mail folder to select the Delete, New, Rename, or Properties options.

Display Options Area:

Right Click Menu

Right click in the Display Options area to select the appropriate option. This quick option menu helps you manage your incoming mail.