Mailer Options

The Mailer Options screen helps you setup the default settings. Most of the options are simply a click to select.

Mark-It Mailer Options

Display Options -

Click on the display options you would like to see as the defaults of your e-mail program. Use the up and down arrows at the right of the screen to personalize the order that the computer displays the columns. Pressing the "trash can" below the down arrow will return the list to the factory default.

Automatically archive messages older than "x" days -

Select and then set the number of days the inbox holds the messages before archiving them.

Automatically connect to the Internet if you are not connected -

Select this option to engage your dial-up connection.

Enable the Auto-Preview function

Preview your unread messages in the Inbox window.

Automatically empty the Recycle Bin when exiting the program -

Empty the deleted messages each time you close the Mark-It Mailer. Note: You will not be able to recover the messages once they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin.

Check for new mail every "x" minutes

Set the number of minutes the Mark-It Mailer checks for new messages.

Automatically add the message sender to Address Book -

Add the name of the sender of the e-mail to the Address Book automatically.

MAILER Message Options

Mailer "Message" Options

Send e-mail in HTML Format

Send all your e-mail messages in HTML format rather than plain text.

Select Default e-mail address:

Select an e-mail account as default from your list of e-mail accounts.

Add signature to all outgoing messages

Automatically add your signature file to each outgoing message.

Add signature to replies and forwards

Automatically add your signature file to replies and forwards.

Automatically send e-mail after composing

Sends e-mail message immediately upon pressing the Send button.

Include original message when replying to a message.

Include the sent message text in your e-mail message.

Add stationery to all outgoing messages

Automatically attach your e-stationery to all outgoing messages.

Add stationery to replies and forwards

Automatically attach your e-stationery when replying or forwarding messages.

Stationery File:

Select the location of your e-stationery.