Contact-Properties Screen

The Contact Properties Screen keeps all the important information in one place. Simply enter the information line by line and then save the file File-->Save, or Ctrl+S.

 Contact Card screen


Contact -

Display the Contact menu.

Add -

Add a new record.

Save [Ctrl + S] -

Saves the current file.

Display Map -

Initializes Yahoo Map program. (Must be connected to the Internet).

Driving Directions -

Initializes Yahoo Driving Directions program. (Must be connected to the Internet).

Move to First Record -

[Ctrl+F5] or pressing the F key from the drop-down menu moves to the first record in the database.

Previous Record -

[F5] or pressing the P key from the drop-down menu moves to the previous record in the database.

Next Record -

[F6] or pressing the N key from the drop-down menu moves to the next record in the database.

Move to Last Record -

[Ctrl+F6] or pressing the L key from the drop-down menu moves to the last record in the database.

Data -

Display the Data menu.


Select the contact type.

Address Card(s) -

View the address card or cards for this contact.

Print -

Display the Print menu.

Cards -

Print cards.

Envelopes -

Print envelopes.

Flyers -

Print flyers.

Labels -

Print labels.

Letters -

Print letters.

Reports -

Print reports.

Help -

Display the Help menu.

Contents -

[F1] View the Help file.

About Contact Card -

View the version and system information.


Primary -

Enter the First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and/or SSN for primary addressee.

Secondary -

Enter the First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and/or SSN for secondary addressee.

Mailing Name -

Enter the Mailing Name or tab into the field after you've entered the data above and have Mark-It Advantage Xi enter the Mailing Name.

Company -

Enter the Company Name for the addressee.

Address -

Enter the street name and number for the addressee.

City, ST, Zip Code -

Enter the City, State, and Zip Code for the addressee. Note: Entering a valid Zip Code will start the auto-fill of the City, State, County, and Country fields.

County -

Enter the County of the addressee.

Country -

Enter the Country of the addressee.

CR Route -

Enter the route information of the addressee.

Greeting -

Enter the Greeting to be used in mail merge functions.

Record Marker -

Check this box to mark or unmark the record.

Show in E-Mail

Display this contact in the Mark-It Mailer program. The contact's e-mail correspondence will be displayed under its appropriate Contact Type folder.

Password -

Set a password to protect this contact's e-mail folder.


You can customize the phone list by pressing the buttons at the top of the list. The [+] button will show several options and the [x] button will delete the highlighted field. The [P] sets the highlighted number as the Primary method of contact.

Phone List Icons


Right click in the Mailing Name field (or press the Mailing Name label) and highlight the name format you would like displayed.

Right Click Menu