Adding a New Classification

Adding classifications can help your task of contact management much easier. Follow the steps below to enter a new Classification and assign it to a contact.

How do I add a new classification?


Press the Additional Information tab from a contact's Contact Card.


Press the Classification title. Classification Button


Press the Add Add Button button.

NOTE: If you already have a list of classifications, highlight the classification(s) that you want to add to the contact and press the OK button.

List of Classifications


Enter the name of the new classification in the field provided. See #5 for Description explanation. Toggle the Alliance Member Business Type or Global setting by clicking into the appropriate checkbox.

New Classification


Enter the description of the classification and press the OK button. This is the text that appears when your mouse passes over the classification. See an example of this feature below.

Classification Description

Mouse-Over Example


Select the classification(s) by clicking on the name and pressing the OK button. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to add multiple classifications.

  List of Classifications


You can add multiple Classifications once the window is open.


You can add multiple Classifications to one record by highlighting more than one classification.


Classifications are specific to the Contact Type under which they were created.


You can edit a Classification by pressing the Edit button Edit Button and making your changes.


Pressing the Remove button Remove Button will delete a highlighted classification. Removing a classification from the list will also remove the classification from every record in the database. Be sure to understand this function before using it.


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