Export Top Producer 6/6i

  1. From Top Producer Desktop
  2. Click on Setup
  3. Click on Export Data...
  4. Click on Send to Top Producer System 6
  5. Click on Display all Contacts
  6. Click on Select all
  7. Click on Export contacts
  8. Click on Export
  9. Type: C:\TP6.TXT into the File name field click on OK
  10. When the export is complete press the [OK] button
  11. Exit Top Producer



Mark-It Xi Import Top Producer 6/6i

  1. Mark-It Advantage Xi > Utilities > Import
  2. Type of File: ASCII > Next
  3. Click on the [] on the Import File to Select The File Name C:\TP6.TXT Then click Open
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Load.
  6. Select top producer6.idf from the list
    (It should be in the c:\Program Files\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi directory on Windows XP/NT/2000
    in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Mark-It Systems\Mark-It Advantage Xi directory on Windows VISTA).
  7. Scan through the list of fields and verify that the contents of the fields are in the correct column name... (i.e. scroll to the far right to the Email column and make sure that emails are in that column)
  8. Click on the [] to select a classification (if desired)
  9. Click [Begin Import] to start processing.
  10. Exit.