How to use DropBox with Advantage Xi


1)  After you have installed Dropbox to your computer right-click on the Dropbox icon in the lower right corner of your system Tray to display the Dropbox Menu and select Preferences…

2)  In the Dropbox Preferences window select the Advanced tab

3)  In the Dropbox location field click on the [Move…] button and select your local disk C:\ so that it makes a C:\Dropbox folder.

4)  Goto the C:\Dropbox folder from your My Computer icon and make a sub folder call XiAttachments so that you now have a C:\Dropbox\XiAttachments

5)  Run Advantage Xi and go to Utilities > Options > Mail Options (tab) > Attachments (tab)

6)  Select the option for Extracted

7)  Click the [Shared Folder] button and choose the C:\Dropbox\XiAttachments\ then press the [OK] button.