Exporting Multiple Records From Calyx Point



1.       SETUP

Utilities > Update Xi – Updates all files in Mark-It Systems


Click on Utilities (This will show all icons under the Utilities Section)


Right-Click on the Utilities > Add Mark-It Advantage Xi Program…

Select: Calyx Point Setup > ADD

Select: Point Report Import > ADD



Click on Calyx Point Setup Icon under Utilities


Select the correct Data Path

Check the box [x] Import In Proper Case if you want to change information to Proper Case

        JOHN SMITH would be imported as John Smith

Click on the [OK] Button


2.       Export 1 Record From Point

Go into Point and open a contact records in Borrowers or Prospects

File > Export To… > Other App (using export template)…

Select: Point2Xi.exp and then OK

At the question: Ready To Import From Point to Advantage Xi answer:  YES

Once it is DONE it will tell you – Click on the OK button.


3.       Export Multiple Records From Point (Using Report Feature in Point)

Go into Point

Click on the Report button

Select Point2Xi.rpt click on OK

Enter any Conditions in the Condition Column as needed (leave blank to export all)

Click on Generate Report

Select other Conditions as needed, then Generate Report for Prospects/Borrowers (only 1 at a time)

Click on Export To ASCII

Change Field Separator to: comma ( , )

Change the Text Qualifier to: quote ( )

Click on Export

Set the Folder to look in the Local Disk (C:) or C:\ depending on the version you have

Set the filename to C:\POINTEXP.TXT

Click on the OK Button


Now go to Advantage Xi > Utilities > Point ASCII  Import
at the question “Ready to Import From Calyx Point Exported Report to Advantage Xi” Answer YES

Once it is DONE it will tell you – Click on the OK button.


Repeat option #3 for Borrowers if needed..