Business Builder – Paylog:




The Business Builder – Paylog module is designed to allow you to calculate your monthly paylog. Each Deal that you close is entered into the paylog system to automatically calculate your Monthly Results.  Follow the directions below to use this system:




The Statistics section shows the Number of Units Closed, Gross Income, Net Income, Sales Price, Net Average and Sales Price Average for each Month and Year-to-Date.  The Refresh button can be used to refresh the list if any items were entered out of date order.


How to Enter Deals into the Paylog:


Each closed deal is entered on a separate line in the grid sheet below using the following fields:


  1. The [Day of Month] field shows the day of the month the lead was received.  When the cursor is in this field a [Down Arrow] button will allow you to choose a date from the calendar.
  2. The [Client Name] field shows the client’s name.  You can manually enter the name or click on the [] button to select the name from the Mark-It Advantage Xi Address Book.
  3. The [Gross] field shows the gross amount received from the close of this deal.
  4. The [Net] field shows the net amount received from the close of this deal.
  5. The [Sales Price] field shows the Sales Price of the unit closed on this deal.
  6. The [Source of Business] field shows where the lead was obtained from.  When the cursor is in this field, a [Down Arrow] button will display a list of Sources. 



Adding Paylog Projects:

The default Paylog project is named ‘Primary Paylog’.  This project name can be changed or additional projects can be added as needed by clicking on the [] button to the right of the project name.







Changing Months and Years:


Each time you open the Paylog module, it will display the default project for the current month.









Changing Output Page Sizes:


The Paylog module can print in two sizes: 8˝ x 11 or 8˝ x 14. 



Printing a Paylog Report:


Press the [Print] button to print a Paylog Report for the currently selected project month/year.



  1. Verify the Export Media (Change the Printer as needed with the [Change…] button).
  2. Verify the Direct to… Preview is the Default.
  3. Enter the number of copies then press the [Start] button.



  1. Click on the [Cancel] button if needed.



Previewing a Paylog Report:


When you select Preview as the Direct To… Export Media, a preview window will show as below:






NOTE: Right-click on the printer buttons to change the selected printer.






The Printed Result: