5/15/2006 (Updated)

Our office has received reports that Advantage Xi not installing, not running or not sending email since 5/11/2007.  The cause of the problem is that some of the major anti-virus software packages have updated and listed one of our files "XiSmtp.dll" as a Trojan Virus and was most likely removed or quarantined...  It is a FALSE positive - It is NOT a virus!

This will cause one or more of the following problems:

1) Advantage Xi tries to re-install itself because the Windows Installer program senses a missing file.  This will cause a 1703/1706 error when it can't find the installation folder or CD - the system will repeat the installation attempt over and over - canceling will get you into the system but it will continue.

2) Advantage Xi will not install because the XiSmtp.dll can't be placed on the computer and stops installation.

3) Advantage Xi can not send emails.

Let me assure you that you DO NOT have a virus in the XiSmtp.dll file.  Norton and other Anti-Virus software have identified XiSMTP.dll as part of a trojan.  However; this file is used by many developers all over the world to send emails from their individual software packages.  Someone has used this file to make a trojan program but the file does not contain the trojan it is just one of the files used for the trojan.  The original name of the file should be AOSmtp.dll or ANSmtp.dll.  When we licensed the file, we renamed it and placed it in the Advantage Xi system folder.  It would be safe to add this file to your EXCEPTION list and then do the update again.  The file is normally removed by the anti-virus software so you may not be able to select the file, you will need to manually enter the name into the exception list or add the Advantage Xi SYSTEM folder to the exception list until you get the file installed.   We are working with Symantec and others to get this file off the list.

If you do not have this problem yet - please do normal updates to Advantage Xi to prevent future problems.


Open/Run the link above and install this software from Microsoft.
(IMPORTANT: If the system is still trying to install Advantage xi you must cancel that install before doing this install)

Once the Windows Install Cleanup Utility is finished installing then click:

Select "Mark-It Advantage Xi (1.00.0000)" from the list and click REMOVE.
This does NOT Remove Advantage Xi from your system ONLY the reference to Windows Installer that is causing the problem.

Once you have removed the Windows Installer information then Run Mark-It Advantage and Do Normal Updates to get the updated files.

Utilities > Update Software


Utilities > Update Software

This will update all the modules that use the XiSMTP.dll with a new version that will not cause Norton and Other Virus Software to delete the file.